We offer global energy solutions


We are studying the economic feasibility of building a power plant for the production of energy for mains supplied gas, a gas mainly composed of methane (CH4) between 55 to 70% and a mixture of other non-combustible gases.
It is produced by the fermentation of organic matter under anaerobic conditions (absence of oxygen). It has similar characteristics to natural gas.

A biogas power plant is a facility where purine is mixed with organic matter and controlled anaerobic digestion takes place. Biogas and digested biomass which is a good fertilizer for fields or with a technology to produce Bioplastic which is highly valued in the chemical industry, are obtained. The end result is pumped into the gas mains

  District Heating

Renewable Energies such as District Heating with Biomass are and will be a resource of the future.
The hot water and heating generated by biomass is transported to homes and businesses through a heating network of piping.
The hot water reaches its destination and what is not used, after cooling, through a double piping system, returns to its place of origin where it is reheated and redistributed back to the heating network.
Enerkia manages and creates the entire necessary infrastructure to supply hot water to consumers.

  Solutions for remote locations

At Enerkia we install the best solution for remote locations through conventional energy (GNL, GLP) or renewable sources (Biomass, Biogas, Aerothermal, Geothermal, SolarWind).

Heat production from biomass.

Exploitation of underground heat. It works with water.

Exploitation of external heat.
It works with water.

icons_enerkia_microgeneracionMicro cogeneration
Fuel combustion (gas, wood) to generate electricity

icons_enerkia_microgeneracionMini wind power
Small wind powered

Thermal (generates hot water) and photovoltaic (generates electricity).

  Energy trading

Energy advice

Our level of customer commitment and industry knowledge is such that we provide our own infrastructure to homes and businesses to optimize energy resources of the areas in order to supply every user with the best zero mileage energy along with comprehensive maintenance services.

 Energy improvements

Enerkia offers households and businesses a personalized consultation service on their standard energy usage. Once each case has been studied, we select the best energy option, implement it improving current conditions with better energy efficiency, increased profitability of energy use and monitoring usage 24/7

  Added value in maintenance

Real time usage monitoring


We offer a Telemanagement service through which customers can access and check their usage data online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  Usage efficiency

We provided personalized advice, including measures to lower your energy bill, optimize usage and be more energy efficient.
We also offer electronic billing, streamlining accounting, management and customer relations processing.


  Personalized customer service

Service quality and personalized attention are Enerkia’s main commitments. Listening to customers, understanding their needs, providing effective solutions for them and focusing on their satisfaction helping to improve and achieve their goals; this is goal of the new concept of an energy company such as Enerkia.
At Enerkia we plough all our efforts into being 100% customer oriented and meeting their needs; it is our greatest commitment.


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